granny dating

Granny dating - that's a term that wasn't around a decade ago!

Granny dating is when a woman is more than 55 years of age and can date another woman.

The Baby Boomers make great dates

There are more Baby Boomers as they age. Many are still in good health, and many have been able to secure financial stability during their careers.

Challenges with Possible Dates

Since the introduction of the internet, the entire dating scene has changed. You can now simply create an online profile and chat with other people to find out if they are compatible with your life style. You may consider some people friends, while others might be potential partners. You may be going through something similar, such as the recent death of a spouse and/or divorce. This situation may lend itself to mutual assistance.

You can search for activity partners if you are new to the dating scene or have been away from it for a while. These people are looking for someone to do a specific activity with, e.g. This is not a dating relationship. It's more like an informal meeting with someone who shares a common interest. This can be a great way to meet new people, without having to make it romantic.

Dating rules for an older generation

You won't find any grannies who aren't elegant or know how to treat well if you're looking for grannies.

Keep in mind that dating involves deciding who you want to be your long-term partner. It will be easier to find the right person if you are able to master the process of excluding grandpas and grandgrannies. Even better, you might start by deliberately picking people who are not a good match. Once you have a clear idea of their behavior, start to make a list.

Safety First

The world can sometimes be hostile. Many bad things can happen and many of them could be prevented. It is possible to create a strategy to ensure that bad things don't happen during your dating journey.

Financial Scams

Seniors will spend months researching as many senior scams and dating schemes as they can. They will be able to quickly spot similar situations. These can be found easily on the internet by searching terms like "senior scams", "dating scams", or "crimes against senior citizens".

Dolores is an Example

Dolores is a 70-year-old woman. He was in his 40s when she started dating online. She didn't know that he had Russian ties. He spent much of his time smothering her and telling her how much she loved him. This should have been a warning sign from the beginning, as love takes time to develop. Otherwise, it's infatuation.) Because someone was paying attention to her in her lonely world, she felt complete again.


Online dating can be dangerous. It is difficult to recover from identity theft or theft of your life savings. It is essentially like starting from scratch. This is why it's important to start with the basics.

Learn about the criminals and how they get your "cookies". They will play on your emotions. Learn and understand the signs. Protect your investments, passwords, and accounts.

Start dating granny or grandpa!