Minilift The Operation Step By Step

How is a mini face lift done? What advantages does a mini face lift have over a traditional face lift?

In this video you can watch a mini facelift operation step by step with before and after images

  1. Marking out
  2. Tumescent dissection: The anesthesia is infiltrated, and the planes are dissected to facilitate the separation of the tissues.
  3. Incision: This is one of the advantages of a mini face lift over a traditional face lift. Limited incisions = Smaller wound
    The limited incisions in the preauricular skin also limit the possibility of visible scars and changes in the hairline.
  4. Reduced surgical time (advantage vs traditional lift)
    A full face lift involves 4-6 hours of surgery; a mini face lift is done in 1.5–3 hours.
    Shorter anesthesia time = shorter postoperative = lower economic cost.
  5. Sutures
  6. Readjustment of the external skin and closure.
    A mini face lift is easier to combine with other procedures in the same operation such as a blepharoplasty, a mentoplasty…
  7. Elastic contention beltfor recuperation
  8. Real patients before and after.



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