Open bite story resolved with orthognathic surgery. Before and after photos

J.A. Male 35 years old. Referred by his orthodontist due to dentofacial deformity, predominantly skeletal anterior open bite. Parafunctions such as finger sucking or atypical swallowing from infancy can bring about this type of change in the growth of the facial bones. The approach to these patients is multidisciplinary. They need orthodontic and surgical treatment.  Orthodontic treatment carried out on this patient by Dr. Orts and Dr. Orquín.

ORTHOGNATIC SURGERY is the part of Maxillofacial Surgery charged with correcting these facial deformities.

3D surgical planning of the bone movements:

Segmented osteotomy of the jaw.

Osteotomy of the jawbone

Mentoplasty Surgeon Dr. Batllés