Minilift The Operation Step By Step

How is a mini face lift done? What advantages does a mini face lift have over a traditional face lift?

In this video you can watch a mini facelift operation step by step with before and after images

  1. Marking out
  2. Tumescent dissection: The anesthesia is infiltrated, and the planes are dissected to facilitate the separation of the tissues.
  3. Incision: This is one of the advantages of a mini face lift over a traditional face lift. Limited incisions = Smaller wound
    The limited incisions in the preauricular skin also limit the possibility of visible scars and changes in the hairline.
  4. Reduced surgical time (advantage vs traditional lift)
    A full face lift involves 4-6 hours of surgery; a mini face lift is done in 1.5–3 hours.
    Shorter anesthesia time = shorter postoperative = lower economic cost.
  5. Sutures
  6. Readjustment of the external skin and closure.
    A mini face lift is easier to combine with other procedures in the same operation such as a blepharoplasty, a mentoplasty…
  7. Elastic contention beltfor recuperation
  8. Real patients before and after.




Sheila is an Englishwoman who is in love with Spain. She travels a lot, does outdoor activities, and (of course) she likes sunbathing. Like many women she has always been fussy about her appearance and has used moisturizing creams, eyeliners, etc and so has tried the usual products and other alternative, natural and ecological remedies. Sheila initially came to us to talk about “little aids” like botox type retouches, mesotherapy, or vitamin injections but also asked for information about peelings because a friend of hers had had one done at Cirugía Facial Benidorm Clinic and was delighted with the results. After an exhaustive examination and interviews with the doctor, together they decided that a deep peeling with Phenol combined with a few sessions of vitamins, etc would be the best answer to kind, dynamic Shelia’s expectations. Another patient who has become a friend and whose testimony you can see in this video. Hope you will love her as us!:

This video is recorded minutes before Sheila entered the operating room to undergo our star treatment: the deep facial peel with Phenol. You can see the images of «before and after»

In this video you can see how Dr. Batllés performs Peeling with Phenol step by step and his results. The peeling is done under conscious sedation, that is, the patient is very relaxed, in many moments asleep but conscious at all times.



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